Eibar. Melcher, Mar y Cia. organ (1922), parish church of San Andrés Apóstol.

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Juan Melcher was probably of German origin as were a number of other organ makers who came to settle in Spain because of wars in their home country. It would appear that he set up with Aquilino Amezua and later on his own. He then became associated with the organ maker, Ramón Mar, which is why, for a number of years the company was known as such.

This instrument cost 35,000 pesetas and operates with a mechanical transmission system using piston stops.

It has two manuals, each with a compass of 61 notes and one pedalboard of 30, with a total of 26 stops.


I Teclado II Teclado Pedal
Bordón 16
Flautado 8
Flauta Armónica 8
Corno de Gamuza 8
Violón 8
Octava 4
Lleno 2-4h.
Tuba Magna 8
Flautado Violón 8
Diapasón 8
Viola de Gamba 8
Voz Celeste 8
Flauta de Concierto 8
Cor de Nuit 8
Principal 4
Nasardo 2 2/3
Piccolo 2
Basson 16
Trompeta 8
Clarín 4
Voz Humana 8
Contrabajo 16
Violón 16
Subajo 16
Flautado 8
Octava Bajo 8
Enganches: I/P, II/P, II/I. Octavas graves II/I. Octavas agudas II/I. Exclusión de Octavas. Exclusión de Lengüetería. Combinaciones fijas (P,MF,F,T). Anulador. Una combinación libre. Trémolo I y II. Pedal de expresión para el II.