Irun. Cavaillé-Coll organ (1877), parish church of Santa María del Juncal.

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An instrument of great interest with its own special sound, particularly the numerous reed stops installed in the Swell Organ. In 1911 Fernand Prince substituted the Lleno of the Great Organ with a Violón 13. Restored by Calvano-Bernal in 1976, it later became the focus of a new and careful restoration by Michel Jurine, finished in 2007.  It has two manuals, each with a compass of 56 notes and one pedalboard of 30, with a total of 18 stops. It is one of the first Cavaillé-Coll in the area that had this enlargement of keyboards.


I Teclado

Violón 26
Flautado 13
Flauta Sonora 13
Violón 13
Salicional 13


II Teclado

Voz Angélica 13
Viola de Gamba 13
Flauta Octaviante
Baxon 26
Trompeta Real 13
Voz Humana


Flautado Abierto 26
Contrabaxo 26*
Flautado Mayor 13*
Trompeta Real 13*




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